Stopping fire
with knowledge.

Fire safety management & consultancy

Since 1988

Hello. I’m Judith Evans, although most people call me Jude. I’m an expert in Fire Risk Assessment, fire safety and training, and I’ve been providing independent advice for over 13 years. I’ve got all the qualifications you’d expect (and perhaps a few more too) and I’ve assessed everywhere from primary schools to chemical plants. I get to do exciting things with fire and explosion sometimes, as well as the expected stuff. Research can be great fun.

Also an expert at getting along with people

Building long-term relationships

I’ve always worked on the principal that the better I get to know you, the better I can protect you. So I do all my assessments myself. It helps me get to grips with how you work and see every detail for myself. And that means you always get an expert on the job, not a junior on their first FRA. It’s a more personal, hands-on approach and it’s helped me build longterm relationships with people like Bloor Homes, Croda Chemicals and Basildon Council. And, touch wood, I haven’t lost a client yet.

So let me know what expertise you’re looking for. I’d love to show you how I can help.

Judith Evans

Fire Engineer